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His wife would then come open up his wallet and take

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Unformatted text preview: el proud of myself. He found me with my family who were mere owners of sheep and living in poverty, and brought me to a respected family, having horses and camels, threshing and purifying grain. Whatever I say, he does not rebuke or insult me. When I sleep, I sleep till late in the morning, and when I drink water (or milk), I drink my fill. The mother of Abu Zar' and what may one say in praise of the mother of Abu Zar'? Her saddle bags were always full of provision and her house was spacious. As for the son of Abu Zar', what may one say of the son of Abu Zar'? His bed is as narrow as an unsheathed sword and a small portion of baby goat meat satisfies his hunger.As for the daughter of Abu Zar', she is obedient to her father and to her mother. She has a fat well-built body 372 Between the living and the dead 54 and that arouses the jealousy of her co-wife. As for the slave-girl of Abu Zar', what may one say of the slave-girl of Abu Zar'? She does not uncover our secrets but keeps them, and does not waste our provisions and does not leave the rubbish scattered everywhere in our house." She then said, "One day it so happened that Abu Zar' went out at the time when the animals were being milked, and he saw a woman who had two sons like two leopards playing with her breasts. Upon seeing her, he divorced me and married her. Thereafter I married a noble man who used to ride a fast and tireless horse and keep a spear in his hand. He gave me many things, and also a pair of every kind of livestock and said, `Eat (of this), O Umm Zar', and give provision to your relatives.'" She then said, while describing her love for her first husband, "Yet, all those things which my second husband gave me could not fill the smallest utensil of Abu Zar's." This was the end of the long story about the eleven women. We can deduce from this just how long the Prophet spent listening to the story from his beloved wife and life-companion, the mother of the believers, `A'ishah ma...
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