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How are you the man replied al hamdulillah i am fine

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Unformatted text preview: ish his job. Then `Asr time came and `Abdullah went to the mosque again. On his way he passed by the same tree and noticed the same man working. He decided to change his method altogether and said, `As-salamu `alaykum! How are you?" The man replied, "Al-hamdulillah, I am fine!" He said, "Give me some good news. How are the dates this year?" The man said, "Al-Hamdulillah." `Abdullah said, "May Allah give you success and provision, make your life easy for you, and not deprive you of the reward 30 Improve yourself 4 for your work!" The man was overjoyed at hearing this supplication and said ameen to the prayer. `Abdullah then said, "It seems that you are so preoccupied with work that perhaps you didn't notice the Adhan for `Asr prayer. The Adhan has been called and the Iqamah is about to be given. Perhaps you should get down, relax a little and get ready for prayer. After the prayer you can get on with your work again. May Allah keep you healthy." The man said, "InshaAllah... InshaAllah..." and began to descend gently. He then turned to `Abdullah, shook his hand warmly and said, "I would like to thank you for your excellent manners. As for the one who passed by me at Dhuhr time, I wish I could see him and show him who the real donkey is!" The result... Your skills of dealing with others determine how they deal with you. 31 (5) Do not cry over spilt milk Some people believe that the traits they have been nurtured on, which they are recognised by and which have left a certain impression about them on the minds of others can never be changed. They surrender to this thought, just as a person would surrender to the fact that he cannot change his height or skin colour. On the other hand, an intelligent person thinks that to change one's nature can perhaps be easier than changing his clothes. Our nature is not like spilt milk that cannot be scooped up again. Rather, we are always in control of it and there are certain way...
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