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How much longer do you want me to keep telling you

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Unformatted text preview: will divorce me, and if I keep quiet, he will leave me hanging." Meaning, her husband was tall, ugly and very ill-mannered. He never overlooked her faults and was like the edge of a sword hanging over her. She lived under the constant threat of divorce. 369 Between the living and the dead 54 Her words to him were unbearable, and whenever she complained he would divorce her. He would not treat her as a husband should treat his wife. Hence, she was left hanging, neither married, nor divorced. The fourth woman said: "My husband is a moderate person like the night of Tihamah which is neither hot nor cold. I am neither afraid of him, nor am I discontented with him." It is known that the night of Tihamah is neither windy nor dusty, which the inhabitants find quite pleasant. She described her husband as being nice to her and having moderate manners a man who never hurt her. The fifth woman said: "My husband, when entering (the house) is a leopard, and when going out, is a lion. He does not ask about whatever is in the house" Meaning, when he enters the house he behaves like a leopard. The leopard is considered to be generous and active. When he leaves the house and mixed with the people he behaves like a lion due to his bravery. He was also very tolerant, such that he did not ask detailed questions about what his wife took or spent. The sixth woman said: "When my husband eats, he eats too much, and if he drinks he leaves nothing, and if he sleeps he wraps himself up and does not stretch his hands here and there in concern for my sorrow." 370 Between the living and the dead 54 Meaning, her husband ate so much that he did not leave anything for his family. He likewise drank too much to leave anything for anyone. When he slept, he wrapped himself up in a blanket leaving none of it for his wife. When she felt sad, he never cared to bring his hand closer to her and be kind to her to find out the reason for her sorrow. The seventh woman said: "My husband is a wrong-doer an...
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