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How so when you show good conduct towards a person

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Unformatted text preview: ion. He had parked his car outside the school and was waiting for the teachers to come out. Next to his car was a group of other cars that looked very similar as they were all transportation vehicles for school teachers and students. The man hid behind a tree at a distance so that he would not be spotted. He also had weak eyesight. He pointed the gun 498 Control your tongue 77 towards a driver who looked like his friend and tried his best to aim for his head. He then pressed the trigger. A loud noise was heard as three rounds were shot.The bullets pierced the driver's head. The people fled in terror whilst the students screamed in panic. The police arrived at the scene and surrounded the area. The bullets had shattered the driver's skull and he had obviously died. As for the murderer, he walked very calmly to a police station, told the police the whole story and said, "I have killed soand-so and thereby relieved my heart.You may now kill me, burn me or imprison me. Do what you wish!" The investigating police officer went to the crime scene and when he looked at the victim's ID card, he was stunned. He discovered that the victim was not the person the murderer wanted to kill! Rather, he was a completely different person who had nothing to do with the episode. The officer then made his way to the station along with the man who was supposed to be the victim, stood outside the cell and said, "O so-and-so! Did you claim that you killed this man? The bullets have killed someone else, instead!" The murderer, upon hearing this, screamed hysterically until he fell unconscious. He remained in that state for a few days. and after he recovered, he was placed behind bars. A judge then passed the verdict that the capital punishment for murder be implemented on him. How right Abu Bakr was when he said, "Nothing is as deserving of long-term imprisonment as the tongue!" I can never forget the story of the Caliph who once sat with 499 Control your tongue 77 his companion, lau...
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