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However the anger of the messenger of allah was

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Unformatted text preview: he presented an easy way out of the mistake, if it really occurred, without complicating it further or prolonging the issue. `A'ishah said, "When the Prophet had finished his speech, my tears stopped and I waited for my parents to respond to the Messenger of Allah on my behalf, but they did not respond. I said to my father, `Please respond to the Messenger of Allah about what he has said.' He replied, `By Allah, I do not know what to say to the Messenger of Allah!' I then said to my mother, `Please respond to the Messenger of Allah on my behalf!' She said, `By Allah, I do not know what to say to the Messenger of Allah!' 233 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 By Allah! I do not know of a family who were as distressed as the family of Abu Bakr at that time. When I realised that they were both unable to say a word on my behalf, I began to weep more. I then said, `Never! By Allah, I would never repent to Allah for what you have mentioned! By Allah, I now know that you have heard the rumours, they have settled in your heart and you have believed them. If I were to say to you that I am innocent and Allah Almighty and Majestic knows that I am innocent you would never believe me! But if I were to confess to something even though Allah knows that I am innocent you would believe me! By Allah, I cannot find of you and myself an example except that of Yusuf's father when he said, `Patience is more fitting for me, and Allah is my Aide over that which you claim!'" She said, "I then turned away and lay on my bed. By Allah, I knew that I was innocent and that Allah would also declare my innocence. However, by Allah, I could not have imagined that revelation would be sent down concerning me, which would be recited forever. I was not worthy that Allah should speak about my calamity in a recital. I was only wishing that the Messenger of Allah would see a dream in which Allah Almighty would declare me innocent. But, by Allah, the Messenger of Allah did not depart the sitting, no...
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