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I am fine apart from the blows i received on my face

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Unformatted text preview: ts. A couple of years ago, on one of the nights of Ramadan, I was called for a live show on a Satellite Television channel. The show was about worshiping during the month of Ramadan. It was held in Makkah in a hotel room overlooking the Haram. We were discussing Ramadan as the viewers were watching the people performing `Umrah live through the window behind us. It was a majestic scene, so much so that even the presenter was moved and wept during the show. The atmosphere was spiritually invigorating and nothing spoiled it for us except the cameraman. He was holding the camera in one hand and a cigarette in the other, as if he did not want to miss inhaling smoke on a single night of Ramadan! This bothered me greatly since the smoke was choking me. However, I had no option except to have patience as the show was live. A whole hour passed by and the show finally ended without any trouble. 535 Supplications 82 The cameraman came to me holding a cigarette and thanked and praised me. I shook his hand and said, "I would also like to thank you for participating in recording a religious programme. However, I do have something to say to you, I hope you would accept it." "Please, do!" he said. I said, "The smoke and cigare..." "Please do not advise me. By Allah, it will be of no use!" he said, interrupting me. I said, "Ok, then at least hear me out. You know that cigarettes are Haram and Allah says..." "Dear Shaykh, please do not waste your time. I have been smoking for more than forty years! The tar is in my blood and veins. There is no use in advising me!" he said, interrupting me once again. I said, "No use at all?" He became slightly embarrassed and said, "Please pray for me." I held his hand and said, "Come with me." `To where?' he asked. "Come with me and let's look at the Ka'bah" I said. I stood at the window overlooking the Haram and noticed that every part of the Haram was packed with people bowing, prostrating, performing `Umrah and crying. It was a v...
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