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I attempted to have a glance inside the room only to

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Unformatted text preview: r and hate, such that if his anger were to be divided amongst the Ummah, it would have sufficed. The man replied, "O yes, I see him. Is he the man sitting there?" Al-Ahnaf replied, "Yes, go to him and give him a slap, for he is the leader of Banu Tamim." The man went up to him and approached Harithah, while Harithah's eyes brightened with evil. The foolish man stood in front of him, raised his hand and slapped him across the face. His hand had just touched Harithah's face when he got hold of his sword and cut off his hand! There is an old saying, "The winner is the one who has the last laugh!" 321 Self torture 45 Conviction... Dealing with a problem in ways that do not serve as a solution only punishes you and does not even solve the problem! 322 (46) Problems with no solutions How many times have you noticed people driving their cars in a rage, often slapping the steering wheel and saying, "Oh! Its always buoy!" You may see a person walking in the street, no-one can bear to speak to him, he is so annoyed he keeps repeating, "Oh! It's so hot!" If you were his colleague working in the same office, it would be a trial for you to have to see him everyday. He always distracts you saying, "O man, the work is so much! Oh, when will they increase our salaries?" He arrives frowning and leaves resentful. Sometimes, he complains of pains in his body or his son's bad behaviour. In short, we should all realise that there are problems in our lives with absolutely no solution, and that the only way to deal with them is by taking things easy. Yes, enjoy your life! Beware of allowing your difficult situation to impact on your behaviour at work, with your children, your colleagues, etc. What have they done to deserve such punishment for problems which they played no part in, nor are able to provide solutions to? Do not let them associate grief and sad- 323 Problems with no solutions 46 ness with you each time they see or remember you. This is why the Prophet forbade one from wailing over the dead, screaming, tea...
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