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I feared that it may be indicative of what calamities

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Unformatted text preview: ve me if I tell you that to this day I do not know if he has teeth or not! He is constantly frowning and sulking, as if smiling may decrease his age or wealth! Jarir bin `Abdullah al-Bajali said, "The Messenger of Allah never saw me except that he smiled at me." Smiling is of various types and of different levels. One type is to be constantly cheerful, where your face is always bright with joy. If you are a teacher and enter the classroom to see your students, meet them with a cheerful face. If you board a plane and walk through the aisle as people look at you, be cheerful. If you enter a grocery store or a petrol station, smile as you pay. If you are in a gathering and there enters a man who greets those sitting with a loud voice and gazes at them, smile. If you meet a group of people and shake their hands, smile. Generally speaking, smiling plays an important role in suppressing anger and doubt like nothing else does. A brave man is he who is able to control his emotions and smile in the darkest of moments. One day, Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him 392 Smile and keep smiling 58 was walking with the Prophet . The Prophet was wearing a Najrani mantle with rough edging. There came a Bedouin running behind the Prophet , wanting to catch up with him. When he got close to the Prophet, he pulled him aggressively by his mantle, such that the mantle rubbed hard against his neck. Anas said, "I looked at the Prophet's neck and noticed a mark due to the edge of his mantle being so roughly pulled across his neck." So what exactly did the man want? Was his house burning down and he wanted help? Had the pagans attacked his people, and he turned to the Prophet horrified, seeking his aid? Read what he actually wanted... He said, "O Muhammad!"(Note, he didn't say, "O Messenger of Allah.") Rather he said, "O Muhammad! Give me some of the wealth that Allah has given you!" The Prophet turned around, smiled, and ordered that he be given somethin...
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