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I realised that he was the one responsible for

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Unformatted text preview: exam now! I cannot even answer exam questions after revising, so what about when we have not revised at all?" The pupil said this in a very fierce tone and the teacher was furious. He said, "Things don't happen here just as you please! You must sit the exam! Do you understand? If you don't like it, then get out of the classroom!" The pupil replied back in rage, "Rather, you get up and leave!" 139 Mu'awiyah's hair 21 The teacher turned to the pupil, walked up to him and began to curse him, "You have no manners! No etiquettes!" The pupil stood up and some things occurred which I would rather not mention, but can be guessed. The matter reached the school administration. The pupil was punished by having his final marks decreased and was forced to pledge that he would never again misbehave. As for the teacher, everyone at that school began speaking about him. He could not walk down a corridor without hearing people whispering something about him, until he was compelled to leave and join another school. Now, another school teacher once faced the same dilemma, but he dealt with it appropriately. One day, he entered his classroom and surprised the pupils by saying, "Please, take out your pen and paper.You have a surprise exam!" One pupil, like the one mentioned previously, screamed, "Teacher! You cannot give us an exam whenever you feel like it!" The teacher was like a mountain that could feel the insignificant weight of the person trying to climb him. He knew that a stubborn person should not be responded to with yet more stubbornness. He smiled and looked at the pupil then said, "So, Khalid, you do not want to sit the exam?" The pupil screamed, `No!' The teacher said very calmly, "OK. Whoever does not wish to sit the exam will have to face the school's disciplinary procedure. 140 Mu'awiyah's hair 21 So, write the questions down. Question number one: Solve the following equation..." The teacher bega...
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