Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: you behave. Smile, even if you are angry, even if it be a fake smile. Say to him, "as-Salaamu `alaykum!" He would respond, as he looks at the photograph of his favourite player, "alaykum al-Salaam, please wait a second..." Say to him anything that would make him turn to you, such as, "How are you doing? Good evening to you, by the way!" He would surely raise his head and say, "al-hamdulillah, I am fine." You have now already accomplished half of the mission. 503 The key 78 Be kind to him by flattering him, "Believe me, I don't think someone like you should work at reception." He will be surprised and ask, "Why is that?" Say to him, "Because a bright face such as yours, if a patient were to see it, his illness would disappear and he wouldn't need to see a doctor anymore!" He would smile back at you in surprise and become excited. Now he is ready to accept advice. He would say to you, "How can I help you?" You then say to him, "Dear brother, do you see this old man here and this old woman? Why don't you deal with them first?" He will get hold of their appointment letters and direct them to the relevant doctors. He will then take your appointment letter. When he has finished dealing with your letter and hands it over to you, you would say to him,"SubhaanAllah! This is the first time I have met you, and you have already entered into my heart! I don't know how! By Allah, you are more beloved to me than thousands of others!" And you haven't lied since he definitely is more beloved to you than millions of disbelievers! He would be very pleased and thank you for your kindness. You can then say to him, "I have some words to offer to you, but I fear you might get upset." He would say, "Not at all! Please go ahead!" You can then give him the advice, "Allah has blessed you with this job. You are working right at the forefront of the hospital. You are also an example to others. It would be nice if you were to be a little kind to the patients...
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