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I then said never by allah i would never repent to

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Unformatted text preview: oves her, and that she has other co-wives, except that they all find faults with her, as do the people.' I said, `SubhanAllah! Have the people been speaking about this?' That night I cried until the morning. My tears did not stop, nor did I manage to sleep, until the morning broke whilst I was still weeping." This was the situation with `A'ishah. She was accused, whilst she was young and had not exceeded fifteen years of age. She 229 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 was being accused of fornication.Yet, she was a noble and chaste woman, a wife to the purest of all people, who never lifted her veil of dignity and never defiled her honour. But here she was, crying in her parents' house. As for the Messenger of Allah , he too was full of grief and agony over `A'ishah, for neither Jibril was sent, nor the Qur'an revealed to clarify the issue. He remained perplexed on this issue.The accusations coming from the hypocrites were too much to bear, as was the people's talk concerning his honour and that of his wife. When the agony prolonged, the Prophet stood up to address the people. He thanked and praised Allah, and then said, "O people! What is wrong with some people that they are hurting me with respect to my family? They are speaking falsehood about my family. By Allah, I have not known of them except good. They are talking similarly about a man, and by Allah, I have not known of him except good. He never entered any of my houses except that he was with me." When the Prophet said that, the leader of al-Aws tribe, Sa'd bin Mu'adh stood up and said, "O Messenger of Allah, if they are from al-Aws we will prevent them from harming you. And if they are from our brothers, al-Khazraj, then order us, for they are worthy of having their necks struck!" When the leader of al-Khazraj tribe, Sa'd bin `Ubadah heard this, he stood up. Even though he was a righteous man, he was overcome by zeal. He stood up and said, "I swear you have lied! Their necks would not be struck! By Allah, you only said th...
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