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I then wouldnt ask him for his opinion with respect

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Unformatted text preview: ake it out and place it on the table, beside him.The respected scholar sitting next to him was quite involved in the conversation with him. Habitually, the respected scholar lifted the mobile phone resting on the table, and when he looked at the screen, his face changed and he returned the mobile phone to where it was. My friend noticed and tried his best to control his laughter. When he left the party, I sat with him in his car. He had placed his phone to his side. It happened that I picked up the phone, as the respected scholar in the wedding party did, and when I looked at the screen, I began to laugh hysterically. Do you know why? Many people write various messages on their mobile phone screens, such as his name, or `Remember Allah', etc. As for my friend, he had written, `Put the phone back, you nosy person!' 196 How to deal with a meddlesome person 30 Many such people tend to interfere in other people's personal matters. Hence, it becomes habitual for them to sit in the car with you, open up the glove compartment and look at what's inside! A nosy woman would look into another woman's handbag to take her lipstick or eye shadow. One of them may call you and ask where you are. When you say, "I have some work to do", he would ask, "Where? Who is with you?" etc. Some people we mix with often treat us in this manner. How do we then deal with them? One of the most important things you must not forget is to try to avoid the person as much as possible. Make sure no one becomes upset with you in the process. Be diplomatic whilst extracting yourself from such situations without creating problems between yourselves. Gaining enemies or losing friends must not be taken lightly, no matter what the causes may be. One of the best ways of dealing with such intruders is by responding to a question by another question, or changing the topic altogether, thereby making him forget the question he asked. For example, if he were to ask you, "How much monthly salary do you make?" you could reply jokingly with a smil...
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