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I thus disliked to have another young girl of their

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Unformatted text preview: opriate to ask about him, as the father would most definitely be proud of him and love to discuss the subject. Likewise, there may be a person who has just opened up a shop and be making a handsome profit, and thus it would be appropriate to ask about his shop and customers as this is what would please him. He would therefore love to sit and discuss this time and time again. The Prophet would take this into consideration, and hence, the nature of his speech with young men would be different to that with the elderly, or with women and children. Jabir bin `Abdullah was a great Companion. His father was killed at Uhud, and he had left behind Jabir's nine sisters with no one to take care of them. He had also left behind a huge debt to be paid off, all on the shoulders of this youth who was still very young. Because of this, Jabir was always anxious and thinking about his sisters and his debt, as the creditors were demanding payment day and night. Jabir journeyed with the Prophet on the Dhat ar-Riqa' expedition. Due to his extreme poverty, he was riding a very weak camel that could hardly walk. Jabir did not have enough money to buy another camel. As a result, everyone preceded him and he was the last in the caravan. The Prophet was also at the end of the army, so he met Jabir as his camel walked slowly along.The Prophet said, "What is wrong with you, O Jabir?" He said, "This camel is slowing me down." 109 Choose the right topics 18 The Prophet said, "Kneel it down." Jabir knelt it down, as the Prophet knelt his camel down, too. The Prophet then said, "Give me your whip, or break a branch off a tree." Jabir gave him his whip. The Prophet took the whip and struck the camel with it gently, and the camel got up energetically. Jabir got hold of the camel and jumped on its back and went alongside the Prophet happily. The camel had become very lively. The Prophet turned to Jabir to converse with him. What was the topic that the Prophet chose to discuss with him? Jabir was a young man, and young men ar...
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