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I went to muhammad 587 charity before consultation 89

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Unformatted text preview: Messenger of Allah ? Was he not a Muslim? `Umar said at the top his voice, "O Messenger of Allah! Allow me to strike his neck with my sword! By Allah, he has become a hypocrite!" Abu Hudhayfah may Allah be pleased with him thereafter regretted his words on that day and said, "I do not feel secure from the words I uttered that day. I will continue to be terrified of them unless martyrdom expiates for them." He was martyred on the day of Yamamah. Advice... Have them for lunch before they eat you for dinner! 575 (88) Wait and do not interrupt! I recall that once a lecturer was speaking about the art of discussion. During the lecture, he mentioned something from the story of Yusuf peace be upon him. When he reached the verse, "And two young men went to prison with him. One of them said, `I dreamed that I was pressing wine.' The other said, `I dreamed that I was carrying upon my head bread whereof the birds were eating.'" he stared at the audience for a while in silence, and then said, "And two young men went to prison with him... which of them entered the prison first? Yusuf, or the young men?" Someone from the audience shouted, "Yusuf!" Another one said, "No! The two young men!" A third person said, "No! It was Yusuf!" A fourth person, who thought he was clever, said, "They all entered together!" A fifth person then spoke, which caused such clamour that the original topic was completely forgotten! It seems that the lecturer did this quite deliberately. He began staring at the faces of the audience as time passed by. He then smiled, asked them to quieten down, and said, "What was the problem if one of them entered before the other? Does this issue require all this discus576 Wait and do not interrupt! 88 sion and argument?" If we contemplate on our reality, we will find that we often become burdensome for others by interrupting them when they speak. Someone may be in the middle of relat...
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