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Unformatted text preview: difference between the two types of anger, suppose that your younger son came to you one morning and asked you for one or two Riyals to spend at school. You then look through your wallet only to find five hundred Riyal notes. You give it to him anyway, and say to him "This is a 500 riyal note. Only spend two riyals from it and bring the rest back." You remind him repeatedly to ensure that he remembers. By the time he returns home after Dhuhr, you find that all the money has been spent. What do you do? How angry would you be? You may hit him, be harsh with him and deprive him of his pocket money for days to come. Yet, if you were to return from `Asr one day, to find him playing games on the computer or watching television instead of praying in the mosque, would you then become as angry with him as you would in the former situation? I think we would agree that the first instance of anger would be harsher, more prolonged and more effectual than the latter one. However, the anger of the Messenger of Allah was solely for Allah. Often he would advise people but it would not be accepted from him, and thereupon, he would relax, for guidance is only in the hands of Allah. The Prophet approached Tabuk, on the borders of Syria, and came close to the boundaries of the Roman Empire. He 238 The other opinion 35 sent Dahiya al-Kalbi may Allah be pleased with him to Heraclius, the Emperor of Rome. Dahiya upon arriving entered into the presence of Heraclius and handed over to him the letter from the Messenger of Allah . When Heraclius saw the letter he called the priests and the patrician and closed the doors on himself and them for privacy. He said, "As you know, this man has appeared, and he has sent to me a letter calling me to accept one of the three points: 1) That I follow his religion, or; 2) Give him what we own on this land, whilst the land remains ours, or; 3) We go to war with him." Heraclius then said, "By Allah, you already know from reading your bo...
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