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I would never like that for my mother the prophet

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Unformatted text preview: his adviser and avoid him. You would never accept his counsel, because it is only based on personal taste! You can say the same about someone who advises the next person quite harshly about how to deal with his children, his 254 Convince him of his error so he may accept advice 37 wife, or how he should have had his house built, or the kind of car he should have bought, purely based on his own personal preferences and opinions. Always beware that you do not base your advice on your personal preferences.Yes, if someone asks your opinion, do share it with him. But to speak to him as you would advise a person who has erred, then certainly not. Perhaps the one given advice does not feel that he has erred. Therefore, if you are to offer your advice, you must make sure that your argument is strong while advising him aptly. A Bedouin once sat with a group of righteous people, as they spoke about kindness to parents. While the Bedouin sat and listened, one of them turned to him and said, "O so-and-so! How are you with your mother?" The Bedouin replied, "I am kind to her." He said, "What do you do to show your kindness to her?" The Bedouin replied, "By Allah! I never hit her with a stick!" Meaning, if he ever wanted to hit her, he would hit her either with his hand or his turban, but not with a stick out of his extreme kindness towards her! The poor man had no idea about right and wrong. So be soft and kind so that the one you are addressing may be convinced of his mistake. At the time of the Prophet , there was a woman who would borrow items from other women and forget to return them. Upon being reminded, she would deny that she had ever borrowed anything. This continued until it became unbearable and the people complained to the Messenger of Allah , who 255 Convince him of his error so he may accept advice 37 decreed that her hand be cut off. However, it became agonising for the Quraysh that her hand be severed whilst she was from one of thei...
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