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I would not hide the fact that i am very kind and

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Unformatted text preview: Between a man and disbelief and polytheism is to abandon the prayer.'' I was so amazed by his response and his zeal that I instantly took off my watch and gave it to him, although, my watch wasn't anything special.This incident encouraged the child to study more eagerly and memorise the Qur'an, since he had felt self-worth. Years passed by, I went to a mosque and was astonished to discover that the Imam of the mosque was that same child. He had grown to become a fine young man who had graduated from the Shari'ah College, and was now working in a court. Although, I did not remember him, he had remembered me. Notice how love and respect developed in his heart due to a childhood incident. I recall being invited to a wedding ceremony once where a bright young man approached me and greeted me very warmly, and then reminded me of his childhood memories of me when I came to his school to deliver a lecture. Sometimes we even notice children who have been treated kindly by someone bringing their parents to him or her and introducing them in the hope that the parents have the same love and respect for the man or woman that they do. I would not hide the fact that I am very kind and welcoming of children. I make it a point to attentively listen to their sweet conversations, even though they are usually of no substance. In fact, sometimes I am extremely welcoming to them simply in order to win the hearts of their parents. I used to meet a friend of mine every now and then who would have his son with him, and I would be extremely kind and 62 With children 11 playful with the son. One day, this friend of mine met me at a wedding party with this son. He greeted me and said,"What have you done to my son? His teacher at school asked his pupils what they would like to be when they grow up. Some said doctors, others said engineers, but my son said: `I want to be Muhammad al-`Arifi: You can sometimes notice the different ways in which people deal with children. When a person enters a public gathering with his son, he shakes everyone's hand one by one, while his son follows suit. Amongst the people are those who would completely ignore the...
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