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I wrote a letter to caesar but he tore it up and

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Unformatted text preview: cause the wrongdoer might reach a stage where he begins to think that you are actually happy with his wrongdoing. A caring doctor is someone who cares for the patients' health more than they care for it themselves. The Prophet said, "The example of me and you is like that of a man who kindled a fire. Grasshoppers and butterflies start falling into the fire and the man continues protecting them against it. I am holding you back from falling into the fire and you are slipping out of my hands." An opinion... Sometimes, our method of rectifying an error happens to be a greater error than the error itself. 236 (35) The other opinion Just as people differ in nature and physique, they also differ in their views, persuasions and dealings. If you ever feel that someone has erred, then advise him and try to rectify his fault, but if he does not listen, do not then write him off as one of your enemies. Deal with situations optimistically, in accordance with your own ability. If you were to attempt to rectify a fault in one of your friends, and he rejected your advice, do not turn friendship into enmity. Continue to be kind to him, in the hope that at least his fault would not increase. It is said, "Have mercy! For some forms of evil are more bearable than others." If you deal with people cheerfully, you would not become angry over every small or great fault of theirs and live happily forever. `A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her said, "The Messenger of Allah never sought revenge for himself. He never hit anyone with his hand, neither a woman nor a servant, unless while fighting in the cause of Allah. He was never harmed in regards to his person that he ever sought revenge from the one who harmed him, unless if one of God's sanctities were violated, 237 The other opinion 35 in which case, Allah would avenge him." (Muslim) Therefore, no doubt the Prophet would become angry, but his anger would be for Allah. He would not become angry for his own sake. In order to understand the...
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