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If fayiz can be so successful in life and earn the

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Unformatted text preview: y, `Never! I have never wronged anyone! I have never transgressed anyone's rights! But I thank you for your advice, anyway!' and left. 484 Restraining oneself from harming others 74 Many days passed by and I didn't see the man again. I thought that perhaps he didn't like my advice, but I didn't care since all I had done was to give him a word of advice. I then met him somewhere by mere coincidence. He came up to me and greeted me very joyfully. I asked him, `What's the latest?' He said, `Al-Hamdulillah, my hand is fine, without any medicine or treatment!' I said, `How is that?' He said, `When I left after visiting you, I began to think about what you said and browsed through my memory to see who I could have wronged, or whose rights I might have taken. I then remembered that a few years ago, when I was building my mansion, there was a piece of land next to my property which I wanted to be appended to mine to beautify my house further. The land was the property of a widow whose husband had died, leaving behind several orphans. I wanted the woman to sell the property, but she refused. She said, `What would I do with the value of this plot of land? I would rather leave it for my children until they grow older. I fear that if I sell it, our wealth may scatter and we may have nothing left.' I requested several times that she should sell it, but she always refused. I said, `What did you do then?' He said, `I used my own way of getting hold of her land.' I said, `Your own way?' He said, `Yes. I have many connections and know many people. I managed to get myself permission for construction on her 485 Restraining oneself from harming others 74 land, and this is how I managed to attach the land to mine.' I said, `And the orphans?' He said, `She heard about what had happened to her land. She used to come around and scream at the builders to try to prevent them from working, but they would simply laugh at her, thinking that she was mad! In reality, I was the one who was mad and not her. She used to cry and raise her hands to the sky. I saw this with my own eyes. Perhaps the prayers she mad...
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