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If he were to have reserved his ability to inflict

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Unformatted text preview: clothes more." This is how a righteous person behaves with the people. He mentions the good points first and then brings his attention to the faults, in order to be balanced in his approach. When you criticise, try to mention where the person is right before mentioning where he is wrong. Always try to give the impression that you have a positive view of him. When you caution him over his errors, this does not mean that you are belittling him, or that you have forgotten his good deeds, or that you should only mention his wrongs. On the contrary, you should make him realise that your criticisms of him are insignificant in comparison to his good deeds. The Prophet was very beloved amongst his Companions. He would employ great techniques whilst dealing with them. 215 Hold the stick from the middle 33 Once he stood with his Companions and gazed at the sky, as if he was contemplating or looking for something. He then said, "This is the season where knowledge will be snatched away from people, until they would not possess any of it"; meaning, the people would turn away from the Qur'an, its teachings and the Sacred Knowledge. They would not show any eagerness to attain it, nor would they understand it. "...snatched away from them..." meaning it would be taken away from them. Upon hearing this, a noble Companion stood up he was Ziyad bin Labid al-Ansari and said with all zeal, "O Messenger of Allah, how can it be snatched away from us? We have read the Qur'an! By Allah, we will continue to read it! We will make our wives and children read it!" The Prophet looked at him and found him to be a young man full of zeal and enthusiasm for religion. He then decided to correct his understanding, thus he said, "May your mother be bereaved, O Ziyad! Even though, I surely consider you from the jurists of the people of Madinah!" This was a praise of Ziyad, for the Messenger of Allah to say to him in front of people that he was from the jurists of...
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