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If people see you and the tribes hear that you left

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Unformatted text preview: uot; "What did he say?" he enquired. They said, "He has said: `I wished that you would serve the people after me', meaning, you have acquired all the knowledge of Abu Hanifah, and if the teacher were to die today, you would have sat in his place." Abu Yusuf felt amazed at himself, and went to the Masjid where he saw Abu Hanifah's study circle in a corner, so he went to another corner and began to teach and pass verdicts! Abu Hanifah noticed the new study circle and asked,"Whose study circle is this?" They said, "Abu Yusuf's." "Has he recovered?" he asked. 354 Gentleness only beautifies 53 "Yes", they said. Abu Hanifah then asked, "Why didn't he come to our lesson?" They replied, "He was informed of what you had said, so he began to teach the people, since he isn't in need of you anymore." Abu Hanifah then thought about how to deal with this case in a gentle manner, and came up with an idea to teach Abu Yusuf a lesson. He turned to one of his students and said, "O so-and-so, go to the Shaykh sitting over there i.e. Abu Yusuf and say to him, `O Shaykh! I have a question.' He would be very happy with you upon you asking him questions, for he has only sat there to be asked questions! Say to him, `A man gives his garment to a tailor to get it shortened. When he returns to him after a few days to collect it, the tailor denies that he ever had his garment. The man goes to the police to complain, and the police enter the shop and recover his garment for him. The question is: Does the tailor deserve the payment for shortening the garment or not?' If he says to you, `Yes, he deserves it', tell him he is wrong. And if he says to you, `No, he does not deserve it', tell him he is wrong." The student was pleased to learn this complex question and went off to Abu Yusuf and said, "O Shaykh! I have a question." 355 Gentleness only beautifies 53 Abu Yusuf said, "What is your question?...
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