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If the garment was shortened to match the mans height

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Unformatted text preview: ter, he took a piece of paper and wrote to al-Fudhayl: "O you who worships in the vicinity of the Two Holy Mosques! If you but see us, you will realise that you are only jesting in worship. He who brings wetness to his cheek with his tears should know. 348 We can disagree and still be brothers! 52 Our necks become wet with our blood. He who tires his horses without purpose, now that our horses are getting tired in battle. The scent of perfume is yours, while ours is The glimmer of spears and the stench of dust [in battle]. We were narrated about in the speech of our Prophet, An authentic statement that never lies That the dust that erupts by Allah's horses and which fills the nostrils of a man, Shall never be combined with the smoke of a raging Fire. This, the Book of Allah speaks to us. Is that the martyr is not dead, and this cannot be denied. He then said, "From Allah's slaves are those whom Allah has blessed with fasting.They fast like no other people. From them are those blessed with recitation of the Qur'an. From them are those blessed with seeking knowledge. From them are those blessed with Jihad, and from them are those blessed with praying at night.What you are engrossed in is not better than what I am engrossed in. Both of us are involved in something good." This is how gently the dispute ended between the two of them, by simply saying, "both of us are doing good," and as Allah says, "Your Lord creates what He wills and chooses." This was the way of the Companions. A group of disbelievers got together and rallied to fight the Muslims in Madinah. They came with an army the like of which 349 We can disagree and still be brothers! 52 was never witnessed amongst the Arabs, in terms of numbers and weapons. In response, the Muslims dug up trenches which were not able to be crossed in order to enter Madinah. Hence, the disbelieving army was kept behind the trenches. In Madinah, there was a tribe called Banu Quraydhah. They were Jews, lying in wait for the believers. They tur...
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