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If we were to join muhammad and follow him then

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Unformatted text preview: Madinah. This is from the positive and bright pages from Ziyad's life. He then said, `The Jews and the Christians have the Torah and the Gospel. How has it benefited them?" (Sahih narrated by al-Tirmidhi and al-Hakim) Meaning, it is not the presence of the Qur'an that matters. What matters is its recitation, the knowledge of its meanings, and then acting on its rulings. This is how great the way the Prophet 216 Hold the stick from the middle 33 dealt with the people was. On another occasion, the Prophet went to some of the Arab tribes calling them to Islam. He would choose the most beautiful words to encourage them to respond to his call and enter the fold of Islam. One of the tribes he went to was known as Banu `Abdullah. When the Prophet called them to Allah and presented his message to them, he said, "O Banu `Abdullah! Allah has chosen a beautiful name for your father!"; meaning, you are not Banu `Abd al-Izza, or Banu `Abd al-Laat. Rather, you are Banu `Abdullah. Thankfully, there is no paganism involved in your name, and therefore, you should enter into Islam. In fact, he was so proficient in his ways that he would send indirect messages to people, showing his amazement with them, and that he wanted good for them.When such indirect messages reach those intended, then perhaps they may affect them more than direct messages. Khalid bin al-Walid may Allah be pleased with him was a hero. He was not just any hero, but a courageous one. The Prophet would wish that he embrace Islam. But how could he? For he was eager to take part in every battle against the Muslims. In fact, he was the greatest reason for the Muslim defeat in the battle of Uhud. The Prophet once said of him, "If he were to come to us, we would truly honour him and prefer him over others". How did this have an effect on him? Let us cite the story from the beginning. Khalid was from the 217 Hold the stick from the middle 33 severest of the disbelievers and one of their leaders. He would never miss an opportunit...
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