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If you are a teacher and enter the classroom to see

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Unformatted text preview: ou may do with it as you please!" How wonderful is this approach that one can correct people's wrongs and give advice, being light-hearted without being harsh or cumbersome! Meaning: Allow the one being advised to retain his honour. It is possible to drink honey without destroying the honeycomb. Do not advise a person as if he has disbelieved due to his actions! Rather, have good thoughts about him and assume that he made a mistake unintentionally, or without knowing. In the early stages of Islam, alcohol was not prohibited. It was 382 Make your tongue sweet 55 only prohibited in stages. In the first stage, Allah declared that alcohol should be despised but He did not forbid it. He said, "They ask you about alcohol and gambling. Say they both contain grave sins and benefits for people." In the second stage, Allah forbade the people to drink it before the prayer, saying, "Do not approach the prayer whilst you are drunk, so that you realise what you are saying." Thereafter a man could not find the time to drink alcohol due to being busy with the prayer. In the last stage, Allah said, "Intoxicants and gambling, all are an abomination of Satan's handiwork. Eschew such abomination, that you may prosper." Thereafter, everyone who used to drink abandoned it. However, some people who used to live outside of Madinah did not know about the absolute prohibition of alcohol. One day, `Amir bin Rabi'ah, the great Companion, returned from his journey, and presented a bottle of alcohol to the Prophet - a bottle full of alcohol! The Prophet never used to drink alcohol, neither in the pre-Islamic days of ignorance nor in Islam. However, the people still used to offer him gifts, some of which he would not use himself but give to others or sell. People would sometimes give him gold and silver, but he would not wear them and instead give them to his wives or others. The Prophet looked at the alcohol in surprise. He turned to `Amir bin Rabi'ah and said, "Don't you k...
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