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Imagine the prophet as he sat with his noble

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Unformatted text preview: broke the camel's back. He had always hurt his teacher without healing his wounds. The same can be said about colleagues or neighbours who argue amongst each other. Hence, we are always in need of depositing into the emotional bank balance that lies in people's hearts. The husband should look for opportunities to deposit into his wife's heart and continue to increase his points.The wife should do the same. The son should likewise deposit some love in his father's heart, as should the teacher with his students and a person with his brother. In fact, even the manager should do the same with those 513 The emotional bank balance 79 who work under him. In short... If a beloved comes with one vice, His virtues come to the rescue with a thousand intercessors 514 (80) The magician "It is free to talk, so please, say some sweet words!" This is how the poor lady began chastising her husband. Yes, he never fell short in terms of nourishing and clothing her, but he would never try to enchant her with sweet talk. All sensible people agree that the most important quality a salesman should have is to be charming in his speech, such that he repeatedly says, "Please! Welcome! Leave your worries to us!' The salesman would continue to increase the price as he adds his own charm. If he is able to express himself well, describe his product in a positive way and convince the customers to buy it, there is no doubt he would be successful. All experienced people concur that from the most important qualities in a receptionist is that he should be well-spoken and eloquent. Each time he says, "Yes, sure, OK, "We are at your sevice." It should be pleasing to the ears. A woman may become captivated by the love of her husband, even if he may be stingy and not so handsome, by being enchanted by his speech. I remember that an adolescent man loved to be adventurous with girls. He had an amazing ability to enchant them with his 515 The magician 80 singing. How many girls...
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