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Indeed muhammad has greatly harmed you and killed the

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Unformatted text preview: ir conditioners, doors, etc. We therefore tie them up 331 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 like this from morning till evening." I said, "Since when have they been like this?" He replied, "This one for about ten years, that one for about seven and the other one is relatively new here; he has only been here for five years!" I left their room contemplating their state, and praising Allah who had saved me from what he had afflicted them with. I asked him, "Where is the hospital exit?" He said, "There is still one room left to see. Perhaps there is an additional lesson to be learnt from it. Come with me." He took me by my hand to a large room. He opened the door, took my hand and entered the room. The scene in the room was similar to what I had seen in the previous room: a group of patients, every one of them alone, one dancing, another sleeping, etc. And to my surprise, what did I see? A man who was beyond fifty years of age, his hair grey, was squatting on the floor. He was squashed down low, staring at us and was visibly terrified. All of this was bearable, but the strangest thing that frightened me and nearly made me jump, was the fact that the man was completely naked and did not even have a piece of cloth to cover his private parts! My facial complexion changed and I immediately turned to the doctor. When he saw the redness in my eyes, he said, "Cool your anger. I will explain to you his condition. This man, whenever we make him wear a garment, he bites it with his teeth, tears it apart and tries to swallow it. In one day, we may give him more 332 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 than ten sets of clothes to wear, and they will all be torn apart. The man is unable to bear any piece of clothing on his skin, thus we leave him like this come summer or winter. All those around him are mentally ill, unable to comprehend his condition." I left the room and was unable to bear any more. I sai...
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