Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: the man began to go from people to people saying, "Did you know that `Umar has embraced Islam? Did you know that `Umar has embraced Islam?" How bizarre! He was like a mobile news agency! One day, the Prophet sent Anas to do something for him, and on his way he passed by his mother. His mother asked him, "What did the Prophet despatch you for?" He said, "By Allah, I will never reveal the secret of the Messenger of Allah ." Therefore, the Prophet would teach his Companions to keep secrets so that they be responsible people.This is how seri- 406 Keeping a secret 60 ous Anas was in keeping secrets, even when he was very young. Perhaps you may not find anyone like Anas today! `A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her said,"Fatimah once came to us walking as the Prophet would walk.The Prophet said to her, `Welcome, my dear daughter!' He then sat her down, either to his right or left and told her a secret which made her cry. He said to her, `Why are you crying?' He then told her another secret and she laughed. I thought to myself, `I have never seen joyous feelings mixed with sadness in a person like this!' `I asked Fatimah about what the Prophet had told her'. She said: `I will not reveal the secrets of the Messenger of Allah .' When the Prophet passed away, I asked her about it and she said: `He told me in confidence that Jibril revises the Qur'an with him once a year, but this year he revised it twice. I see it as an indication of my death. You will be the first of my household to join me.' `When I heard this I cried. He then said to me: `Wouldn't you like to be the leader of the women of Paradise or the leader of the believing women?' When I heard this I laughed.'" You are valued by your ability to keep secrets, for then the people will trust you and open up their hearts to you.Your status will increase in their eyes and they will look at you as a trustworthy person. Hence, train yourself to keep your own secrets and that of others. 407 Keeping a secret 60...
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