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It would not be appropriate for the son of the

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Unformatted text preview: to work invigorated." If he is someone who has consid- 146 The keys to hearts 22 eration for social factors, you may realise that he gives great importance to family matters. You could therefore say to him, "I need a vacation to visit my father and children. I have been feeling distant from them for a while." Perfect these skills and very soon you will hear people saying about you, "We have not seen anyone as skilful as this person in convincing others." The result... Every man has a key to his heart, and knowing his personality assists in identifying the right key to open it. 147 (23) Taking one's psychological condition into consideration People's moods and circumstances fluctuate between sadness and happiness, health and illness, affluence and poverty, and stability and instability. Subsequently, their reaction to the way they are dealt with also changes depending on their psychological state at the time. A person may appreciate a joke when he is stable and relaxed, but not when he is upset. It would thus be very inappropriate to make a joke when visiting someone who was bereaved. But the same joke would be acceptable if said whilst out on a picnic. This is something all people understand and needs no further explanation. However, what does need to be clarified further is that one must take into consideration a person's psychological state, emotions and personality when speaking to or dealing with him. Imagine a woman who has just been divorced by her husband and whose mother and father have passed away. She collects her belongings and prepares to move in with her brother and his wife. In the middle of her preparation, her neighbour comes to visit her. As the neighbour thinks of something to discuss, the divorced woman says, "I saw you yesterday outside your house." The neighbour says, "Yes, my husband insisted on taking me out for dinner, so I went. Afterwards, we went to a shop where 148 Taking one's psychological condition into consideration 23 he bought me a skirt to wear at my sister's weddi...
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