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Kab did not consider the kings offer for a moment yes

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Unformatted text preview: by Allah, I do not have any excuse. By Allah, I had never been stronger nor wealthier than I was when I remained behind!" Ka`b remained silent. Thereupon, the Prophet turned to his Companions and said: "He has indeed spoken the truth. Get up (O Ka`b) and wait until Allah decides your case." Ka`b got up and left the mosque, dragging his feet, feeling remorse and being grief stricken, not knowing what Allah would decide for him. When the people saw this, a group from amongst them followed him and began to censure him. They said: "By Allah! We have not known you to have committed a sin before this.Though, you are a poet, you failed to make excuses to the Messenger of Allah like the rest of those who lagged behind! You could have made an excuse by which he would have been pleased with you and sought forgiveness for you, so that Allah may have forgiven 158 Be concerned about others 24 you.' Ka`b said: "They continued to censure me so much that I considered returning to the Prophet to inform him that I had lied. But I then asked: `Is there anyone else who has had the same experience?' Someone replied: `Yes. Two men also said what you said and were told what you were told.' I asked: `Who are they?' They said: `Murarah bin al-Rabi' and Hilal bin Umayyah.' These were two righteous men who had witnessed the battle of Badr - men whom I thought could be examples for me. I therefore said: `By Allah, I will never return to the Prophet to retract what I have said and belie myself!" Thus Ka`b walked along, broken inside and full of sadness, until he reached home, where he remained. Not much time had passed after this when the Prophet forbade the people from speaking to Ka`b and his two Companions. Ka`b said: "After this, people completely changed their attitude towards us and would shun us. If I were to go out to the marketplace, no one would speak to me. The people became estranged from me as if I never knew them. It was as though even the walls had become...
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