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Let her remain firm on her principles such principles

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Unformatted text preview: ething else, too." How indebted would the son feel towards you? And if this is the case with the young, then how about with those who are 439 Take them out of the ditch 66 older? What if you were to praise a colleague in a gathering after others had bitterly and mercilessly condemning him, or praise a brother after your family members unanimously turned against him? A young man was made to feel embarrassed when a person asked him publicly, "Give us the good news, dear so-and-so! What marks did you get at university?" Tell me in the name of Allah, does any intelligent person ask such a question in public? The man's face turned red, so I gently saved him by saying, "Dear so-and-so, why are you so interested in his results? Are you going to marry him off to someone? Or do you have a job to offer him?" Upon hearing this, everyone laughed and the question was forgotten. If a person criticised another for a low average, you should say to him, "Dear brother, do not criticise him. The topic he is speing in is difficult. InshaaAllah his grade average will be better next time." Intelligent people are always hunting for opportunities to earn people's love. Once `Abdullah bin Mas'ud may Allah be pleased with him was walking with the Prophet , and as they walked by a tree, the Prophet asked him to climb the tree and break off a twig to clean his teeth with. Ibn Mas'ud climbed up the tree, since he was very slim and small, and began to break off a twig. Meanwhile, the wind blew, blowing his garment and exposing his shins that were very thin and bony. When people saw this, they laughed. At that point, the Prophet said, "What are you laughing at, 440 Take them out of the ditch 66 the thinness of his shins? By Allah, they are heavier than Mount Uhud in the Scales!" (Ahmad, Abu Ya'la - Sahih) How good must `Abdullah bin Mas'ud have felt when the Prophet defended and praised him after the people had laughed at him? Point of view... Intelligent people are...
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