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Let us make a fresh start with them enlightenment the

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Unformatted text preview: ce and protect me from my own evil." How wonderful was the way in which the Prophet dealt with people! And how beautifully his character had a positive impact on them! This kind of attitude goes a long way in bringing non-Muslims closer to Islam. A young man once travelled to Germany for studies and took up residence in a flat. There was a young German man living in the flat opposite him. They didn't have any connection with each other except that they were neighbours. Once, the German neighbour travelled unexpectedly. A paperboy would deliver a newspaper everyday and leave it at his doorstep. The young man noticed the newspapers piling up and asked one of the other neighbours to find out if the neighbour had travelled. He picked all the newspapers up and placed them in a secure place. He would collect a new newspaper everyday and add it to the collection. When his neighbour returned after a couple of months, he greeted him and gave him all the newspapers. He said, "I thought that perhaps you were following a news story or participating in a competition and I didn't want you to miss out on it." 76 With adversaries 13 The neighbour was surprised at this and said, "Would you like to be paid for your services?" He said,"No. Our religion orders us to be good to our neighbours and since you are my neighbour, I must benevolent you." The person continued to be gracious to his neighbour until he finally embraced Islam. This, by Allah, is the real joy of life, to feel that you worship Allah by every little thing you do, even the manners with which you deal with others. How often is it that people are turned away from Islam due to the bad treatment they receive at the hand of some Muslims; one oppresses his employee, another deceives his customer and another annoys his neighbour? Let us make a fresh start with them. Enlightenment... The best preacher is the one who preaches with his actions before his words. 77 (14) With animals When good interpersonal skills bec...
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