Enjoy Your Life

Life is very short it is surely too short for us to

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Unformatted text preview: es were entering into the interview room one after the other, and every time a person would come out, those waiting outside would ask, "What did they ask you? What did you say?" One of the important questions they asked the interviewees was, "How much alcohol do you drink a day?" When the young man's turn came, he entered and began to answer their questions. During the session, they asked the same question. The young man thought to himself that perhaps he should lie and say that he drinks alcohol like the rest of the young men, just so that they would not think that he was a strict Muslim. He also contemplated speaking the truth and saying, "I am a Muslim and Allah has forbidden me from drinking alcohol. Therefore, I do not drink." After some quick thinking, he decided to speak the truth. Thus, he said, "I do not drink." They said, "Why? Are you ill?" 458 Temptations 71 He said, "No, but rather because I am a Muslim and alcohol is forbidden for me." They said, "Meaning, you don't drink? Even on the weekends?" He said, "Yes. I do not drink at all." They looked at each other in surprise. When the results were published, his name was top of the list! He began to work with them and several months passed. One day, he spoke to one of the interviewers and asked him, "Why did you ask questions about alcohol consumption?" He said, "Because the job is to do with escorting, and every time we have employed a young man, we would be surprised to discover that he drank and got drunk.When we realised that you do not drink, we knew that we got the person we were looking for, and hence we employed you!" How wonderful it is to stick to your principles, despite temptations! The problem is that we live in a society where it is difficult to find those who stick to their principles people who live and die for them, those who rigidly adhere to them in the face of temptations. If you follow the right...
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