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Likewise when they wanted to disgrace or fight

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Unformatted text preview: my intention? Do you know what is in my heart? Why are you being tribalistic?" But he didn't say any of this.They were all far above this to fall for the devil's plot. Thereafter, `Umar and al-`Abbas fell silent. Meanwhile,Abu Sufyan was standing and waiting for the Messenger of Allah to pass a judgement concerning his case. The Prophet said, "Take him with you, O `Abbas, to your tent, and bring him back to me in the morning." Al-`Abbas took him to his tent where Abu Sufyan spent the night. When Abu Sufyan woke up the next morning and saw the people getting ready for the prayer and making ablution, he said to al-`Abbas, "What is wrong with everyone?" Al-`Abbas said, "They have heard the call to prayer so they are getting ready to pray." When the time for prayer came, they lined up in rows and the Messenger of Allah led them in prayer. When Abu Sufyan 569 The art of discussion 86 saw them bowing as the Prophet bowed and prostrating as the Prophet prostrated, he was amazed at their obedience and compliance. When the prayer ended, al-`Abbas came to take Abu Sufyan to the Messenger of Allah . Abu Sufyan said,"O `Abbas, do they comply with whatever he orders them to do?" Al-`Abbas said, "Yes! By Allah, if he were to order them to forsake eating and drinking, they would!" Abu Sufyan said, "O `Abbas, I have never witnessed anything like what I did last night in my whole life, not even the kingdom of Casroes and Caesar!" When al-`Abbas visited the Prophet along with Abu Sufyan, the Prophet said, "Woe be to you, O Abu Sufyan! Has the time not come for you to know that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah?" The night that Abu Sufyan spent with the Muslims had had a profound effect in lessening his enmity towards the Muslims. He replied, "May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! How persevering and how generous of a relative you are! By Allah, I have now come to conclusion that if I had a god besides Allah, he would hav...
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