Enjoy Your Life

May you never face disgrace or sorrow so have glad

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Unformatted text preview: or student felt embarrassed and gazed at the instructor and then at his colleagues in confusion. The instructor then frowned at him, pointed to the exit and said, "Get out!" The student got up frightened and left the room.The instructor looked at the rest of the students and said, "I am Dr. So-andso. I will be teaching you such-and-such a subject. But before I begin, I would like you to fill in a questionnaire without writing your names on them." He then distributed the questionnaires to the students. The questionnaire was about the instructor's performance and had five questions: 1. How do you find your teacher? 2. How do you find his teaching? 3. Does your teacher allow opposing views to be aired? 4. Would you like to be taught by him again? 5. Would you like to meet him outside the institution? Every question had multiple choices; Excellent, good, fair, poor. The students filled in the questionnaire and returned it to the instructor. The instructor began his lecture on interpersonal skills in an office environment, and in the middle of the lecture he said, "Oh! Why should we deprive your colleague of this lesson?" He went out of the classroom, shook the hand of the ejected 118 Be kind at the first meeting 19 student with a smile, and brought him back in. He then said, "I think I lashed out at you a little while ago without any particular reason. I am having some personal problems due to which I behave quite erratically at times, so I beg your pardon. You are, after all, a committed student, and the proof of that is the fact that you left behind your wife and children to come all the way here. I would like to thank you, in fact all of you, for your commitment. I am very honoured to be your instructor." He was, thereafter, very light-hearted with his students. He then picked up more copies of the questionnaire and said, "Since your colleague didn't get the chance to fill in the questionnaire, how about if you all were to...
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