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Meanwhile tariq came along and stood between the two

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Unformatted text preview: etc, without any of them realising what you have already said to his friends. Thereafter, you will find that when they meet up again, one of them would suggest that they should go to a different country, and he would find another one who would support his suggestion. This way you would have put an end to an evil in an appropriate manner. Take another example. If you discover one day that your children are getting together in a room to watch a morally depraved video, or a Bluetooth clip of inappropriate pictures, and so on, then perhaps the best solution might be to advise them individually, so that their egos do not compel them to commit sins. Is there an example for this from the Prophet's life? Indeed, there is. When the discord between the Prophet and the Quraysh became severe, the Quraysh got together and boycotted the Prophet along with all his relatives from Banu Hashim. A declaration was written that none should buy from, sell to, or marry into Banu Hashim. The Prophet along with his Companions was confined to a barren valley. The calamity became so severe upon the Companions that they were feeding on the trees. In fact, as one of them once went to urinate, he heard a sound beneath him. He looked to discover a piece of camel-skin. He took it with him, 310 Untie the bundle 44 washed it and roasted it in fire. He then divided it into small portions, mixed it with water and ate it bit by bit over three days! When Banu Hashim and the Muslims had endured months of hardship, the Prophet said to his uncle Abu Talib, who was also confined to the valley with them,"Dear uncle,Allah has sent the wood worm to destroy the Quraysh's document. It has left in that the name of Allah wherever it occurs in the document, and it has erased all the oppression, boycott and slanders that existed therein." Meaning, the insect had eaten the Quraysh's declaration document and nothing was left of it except the phrase, "In your Name, O Allah." Upon hearing this, Abu Talib became surprised and sa...
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