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Muhammad was a follower of a heavenly religion islam

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Unformatted text preview: in Hatim?' I said: `Adi bin Hatim'." The Prophet became overjoyed by his arrival and welcomed him, even though `Adi had previously fought against the Muslims, ran away from the battle, despised Islam and sought refuge amongst the Christians. Despite all of that the Prophet met him with a smile and took him by his hand to his house. As `Adi walked alongside the Prophet , he considered him to be completely equal to himself, since Muhammad was the ruler of Madinah and its outskirts while `Adi was the ruler over the Ta'i mountains and its outskirts. Muhammad was a follower of a heavenly religion Islam, just as `Adi was a follower of a heavenly religion Christianity. Muhammad had a revealed scripture the Qur'an, just as `Adi had a revealed scripture - the Gospel. `Adi thought that there was no difference between the two except in terms of power and military might. While they were on their way, three things happened. As they were walking, a woman came and began to shout in the 42 Who is the most beloved to you? 7 middle of their path, "O Messenger of Allah! I need your help!" The Prophet left `Adi's hand and went to the woman to listen to what she had to say. `Adi bin Hatim -who had witnessed many kings and leaders - as he watched this happen, began to compare this with what he knew of the actions of kings and ministers. He thought for a while, until it occurred to him that these mannerisms were not that of kings, but rather of the Prophets! When the woman's need was fulfilled, the Prophet came back to `Adi and they both continued to walk, and as they did, a man came to the Prophet . What did he say? Did he say, "O Messenger of Allah! I have surplus wealth and am looking to give some to a poor person?" Did he say, "I harvested my crops and I have some extra fruit.What shall I do with it?" If only he were to have asked such questions so that `Adi would have felt that the Muslims had wealth. Instead, the man said, "O Messenger of Allah! I complain to you about hunger and poverty."...
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