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No i didnt know about it o messenger of allah the

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Unformatted text preview: your host. Please intercede on my behalf to my master, for he is very generous to his guests. He will not reject your intercession and perhaps he will unlock these chains.' I remained silent since I didn't know what his crime was. When they brought the food, I refused to eat and said, `I will not eat until I intercede on behalf of this slave.' The master said,`This slave has made me poor and destroyed all my wealth.' `What did he do?' I asked. He said, `He has a very beautiful voice. My livelihood is based on these camels. He loaded heavy loads on the camels and began to sing poetry in a very beautiful voice to make the camels go faster, so much so that they travelled a three day journey in a single night. When the camels were unloaded, they all died except one. However, since you are my guest, I would like to offer the slave to you in your honour.' He then stood up and freed the slave from his chains." Abu Bakr said: "I then desired to listen to his voice, so the next morning I asked him to sing to a camel which was drinking water from a well, so the camel would be active at work. The slave began to sing in a beautiful voice. When he raised his voice, the camel became ecstatic and excited, and forgot itself so much so that it broke its rope. I fell on my face due to his beautiful voice. I do not think I ever heard a voice as beautiful as his." (Ihya `Ulum al-Din) If even the animals respond positively to a beautiful voice, which encourages the slave to beautify his voice even more and sing better, then how about human beings? 375 Between the living and the dead 54 Develop yourself by training... Be lively and not dead. Respond positively and with appropriate facial expressions, until others feel comfortable with you. 376 (55) Make your tongue sweet There are always moments in our lives when we must advise and counsel others. One often advises his or her son, husband, friend, neighbour or parents. The end result of the advice usually depends on its beginning. M...
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