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Nor do i recall any of them saying to me explicitly

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Unformatted text preview: Juha heard them, stopped his donkey and mounted it along with his son to save himself from people's criticism. They then passed by a people who said, "Look at these inconsiderate people! They do not have pity on the animal!" Juha then dismounted and said to his son, "Dear son, please descend." The son descended and began to walk by his father's side. They passed by some people who said, "Look at these two foolish people! They are walking whilst no one is riding the donkey! Why was the donkey created if not to be mounted on?"' Juha screamed, and dragged his son.They sat beneath the donkey and lifted it up on their shoulders! If I had been with him at the time, I would have said to him, "Dear beloved, do as you please and do not care about what others have to say. Pleasing others is an unachievable objective." Some people do not think thoroughly about their views before suggesting them to others. For example, one of them will come to you after you have been married and say, "Why didn't you propose to such and such woman? Why didn't you marry her?" At this point, you feel like erupting in his face, saying, "Dear brother! I have already got married! End of discussion! No one asked you for your suggestions!" Or he would come to you after you have sold you car and 390 Do not care about what people say 57 say, "If only you were to have informed me earlier! So-and-so would have paid you more." You would say in response, "Dear brother, enough!' I have already sold my car and that is the end of the story. Do not distract me by making me look back!" Generally speaking, A man is never without an opponent Even if he lives alone on a mountain peak Do not punish yourself. Experience One of the predecessors said, "The one who subjects his religion to argumentation changes his opinions very often!" 391 (58) Smile and keep smiling I have known a person for years, as he is one of my work colleagues.Would you belie...
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