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Not half nor a quarter but all umar then had no

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Unformatted text preview: a text message on my mobile phone saying, "Just now, I have finished my `Umrah and remembered my beloved ones. And because you are one of them, I did not forget you in my supplications. May Allah protect you and give you all ability" End of message. I sent this to all the names stored in my telephone memory, 171 Show them that you want the best for them 25 that is, about five hundred people. I couldn't even imagine the amazing effect it would have on people's hearts. Someone replied saying, "By Allah, I cried as I read your message.Thank you for remembering me in your supplication." Another wrote, "By Allah, dear Abu Abd al-Rahman, I do not know what to say in reply. But, may Allah reward you with good." Yet another replied, "I ask Allah to accept your prayers. By Allah, we will never forget you." In reality, we do need to occasionally remind people that we love them, and that the numerous problems in the world have not made us forget them. This much can be done via something as simple as sending text messages. You can send text messages to your loved ones saying: "I prayed for you between the Adhan and Iqamah...", or "on the last hour of Friday". If your intention is pure, then this would not constitute making a display of good deeds or showing off. This would only result in greater love and respect between the Muslims. I recall once giving a lecture at a summer camp in Ta'if, on ash-Shafa Mountain, which is a picnicking site where many young people gather. Most of the attendees there were young people who looked very righteous. Other youngsters also remained around the picnic sites, busy with entertainment and music. When the lecture ended, a group of young men came forward to greet me. Amongst them was a young man who had an odd hairstyle and was wearing tight jeans. He came up to me, shook my hand and greeted me. I warmly returned his greetings and thanked him for attending. I shook his hand and said, "You have the face of a preacher". He smiled and went away. Two weeks later,...
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