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On the contrary you should make him realise that your

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Unformatted text preview: hey were the ones who came up with the answer, and hence, there was no need for a discussion for them to be convinced further. The Prophet said, "Don't you see that if he were to do it in a forbidden way, he would be sinful?" They said, "Yes." "So therefore, if he were to do it in a permissible way, he would be rewarded", said the Prophet . In fact, even during a discussion with others, he would lead them on to the answer by beginning with matters that they both agreed upon. The Prophet once left for Makkah along with a thousand and four hundred of his Companions, but the Quraysh blocked his way. This led to the famous al-Hudaybiyyah incident, where after a long session of discussion between the Prophet and the Quraysh, they agreed upon a peace accord. Suhayl bin `Amr was the one who represented Quraysh whilst writing the conditions of the pledge. The Prophet agreed with Suhayl on several conditions, and from amongst these were: - The Muslims should return to Madinah without having performed `Umrah - The Muslims in Madinah were not to accept anyone who wished to accept Islam from the people of Makkah and decided to migrate in Madinah. 210 Do not be dictatorial 32 - Whoever left Islam and decided to go to the pagans in Makkah would be accepted There were many other conditions that were apparently a sign of Muslim defeat and humiliation. In reality, though, the Quraysh were afraid of such a large number of Muslims, and realised that if they wished, they could have easily conquered Makkah. For this reason, the Quraysh were forced to be diplomatic. They could not dream that they would ever manage to get away with a quarter of those conditions. Most of the Companions were uneasy with these conditions. But how could they ever protest? The one who writing the contract and agreeing with its conditions was he who did not speak from his desires. `Umar was desperate. He was looking right and left, wishing if only he could do something. `Umar quickly...
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