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On the way they became extremely thirsty and were

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Unformatted text preview: fill it in again?" He handed out the questionnaire and they filled them all in and returned them to the instructor. He then took the previous questionnaires and the new ones and began to compare between the two, to discover that the `poor' boxes in first set of questionnaires were all checked, while the second set of questionnaires did not have a single check against `poor', or even `fair'. The instructor laughed and said, "What you just witnessed was a demonstration of the ill effects of the lack of interpersonal skills in the work environment. What I did to your colleague was an example of this which I wished to demonstrate to you all. Note how your views of me changed as I changed the way I dealt with you!" This is all part of human nature, and hence, one must take this into consideration, especially with those he meets for the first time. 119 Be kind at the first meeting 19 The Prophet would also capture people's hearts the first time he met them. After the conquest of Makkah and when Islam had become dominant, the Prophet started to receive envoys from various tribes. One of the envoys the Prophet received was from `Abd al-Qays. When they arrived, before they could even dismount from their rides, the Prophet said to them, "Welcome, O people! May you never face disgrace or sorrow, so have glad tidings!" As they dismounted from their camels, they raced to the Prophet to greet him. They said, "O Messenger of Allah, between our cities there lies a dwelling of a group of pagans from Mudhar, due to which we cannot come to you except in the sacred months, since this is when Arabs do not fight, so guide us to the best thing we can do, which if we were to do it, would cause us to enter paradise, and which we would instruct others to do also. The Prophet said, "I shall order you to do four things and forbid you from four. I order you to have faith in Allah. Do you know what it means to have faith in Allah?" They replied, "Allah and His Messenger know best." The Prophet said, "It means to testify that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, to establi...
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