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Once the prophet was sitting with his companions

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Unformatted text preview: ingly, "Dear all! I am naturally beardless. My beard simply does not grow. Do not arrange a whole lecture about me after we have finished!" We smiled and thanked him. If you will, let us travel back in time to Madinah and look at the Messenger of Allah while he was making I`tikaaf in his mosque in one of the nights of Ramadan. There came his wife, Safiyyah bint Huyay, to visit him and stayed with him for a while. She then rose to go back to her house. The Prophet did not like for her to go back home in the darkness of the night, so he decided to go with her. He walked some of the way with her until two men from the Ansaar passed by him. When they saw the Prophet with a woman they began to walk fast. Upon seeing this, the Prophet said to them, "Take your time! She is only Safiyyah bint Huyay." They said, "SubhanAllah!" meaning, does it make sense that we should assume that you are walking with a strange woman? The Prophet said, "Indeed, the devil flows through the human being like blood in the veins. I feared that he may place evil in your hearts, or may whisper something to you..." (al-Bukhari and Muslim) Bravery... Bravery is not to persist in your errors, but to acknowledge that you are wrong, and not to repeat the error again. 299 (43) The keys to mistakes... Dealing with mistakes is an art. Every door has a key, and all hearts have ways to them. When a person falls into a huge error and news of it spreads amongst the people and they start to monitor what he would do next, get them busy with something else, so you may acquire enough time to think over the situation, to make sure no one else has the audacity to make the same mistake, and so that people do not become accustomed to this type of error. The Prophet marched forth with his companions on the expedition of Banu al-Mustaliq. On their way back, they stopped over to rest. Meanwhile, the Muhajirun sent a boy called Jahjah bin Mas'ud to fetch some water from the well, whilst the Ansaar a...
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