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One day the prophet was on a journey with his

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Unformatted text preview: use and do not be harsh on him. Do not close all the doors for him. Rather, keep all the doors open for him as you advise him. Even if he says something wrong, you can correct it in a way he doesn't even realise. So begin by praising him, his intelligence and boldness, and then you should say, "however..." followed by your counter-arguments if he was mistaken in what he had said. Point of view... Bring the error to his attention succinctly and do not lecture him. 388 (57) Do not care about what people say My son, `Abd al-Rahman, once kept repeating a phrase I was amazed by. I think at that age he couldn't actually understand what it meant. He used to say, "Ignore, live and let live..." I contemplated on this phrase as I thought about people's criticisms, opinions, and dialogues, and found that people vary in their speech and criticisms. Amongst them are those who are sincere advisors but are not very skilful, and hence, their approach saddens you rather than making you happy. Amongst them are those who are envious, people who actually intend to sadden you and make you grieve. Amongst them are those who do not know much, and hence, they often do not know what they are saying. It would be better if such people were to remain silent. Amongst them are those whose nature is always to criticise, since they look at life through a dark set of goggles, as it were. There is an old saying, "If people had the same taste, merchandise would be rendered futile." It is said Juha once mounted on his donkey while his son walked by his side. As they passed by another group of people, the people said, "Look at this inconsiderate father! He rides the 389 Do not care about what people say 57 donkey in comfort while his son is walking by him in the sun!" Juha heard them, stopped the donkey, dismounted and let his son ride instead. They continued on, and as Juha felt better about himself, they passed by another group of people. One of them said, "Look at this disobedient son! He rides while leaving his father to walk in the sun!"...
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