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One is to realise the importance of remembering

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Unformatted text preview: Messenger of Allah whilst `Umar remained standing in his place, watching Abu Bakr and listening to the discussion that took place thereafter. The Prophet , before looking at his wealth to see what he might have required, asked Abu Bakr: "O Abu Bakr, what did you leave behind for your family?" Yes, he loved Abu Bakr and loved his family, and therefore did not want him to suffer any hardship.Abu Bakr said in response: "O Messenger of Allah, I left for them Allah and His Messenger." He came with all of his wealth. Not half, nor a quarter, but all! `Umar then had no choice but to say, "This is no shock. I will never be able to surpass Abu Bakr!" The people would love the Prophet intensely as they felt that he loved them. The Prophet once prayed with them, and shortened his prayer noticeably. After the prayers were finished, the Prophet observed that his Companions were surprised. Thus, he said to them, "Perhaps, you are surprised that I shortened the prayer?" They replied, "Yes." He explained, "I heard a child cry, so I felt merciful towards the mother." Did you notice how he loved others? His love for the people 174 Show them that you want the best for them 25 clearly shined through in his treatment of them. You are not alone Display your emotions. Be frank, "I love you. I was delighted to see you.You are precious to me." 175 (26) Remember names This is also a way of showing concern for people. How great it is to meet a person on occasion, such as in a bank, or plane, or a wedding party, and then be acquainted with his name; thereafter, when you see him on a different occasion, you go up to him and say, "Hello, so-and-so!" Undoubtedly, this would implant in his heart love and respect for you. For you to remember the name of the person in front of you shows him that you have concern for him. There is a difference between a teacher who remembers the names of his students and the one who does not. For you to say to a s...
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