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One morning he left his house to go to his workplace

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Unformatted text preview: s in which we can alter it, and even the way we think! Ibn Hazm mentions in his work Tawq al-Hamamah a tale of a famous Spanish businessman: There was competition between him and four other businessmen and as a result, they disliked him. They were therefore determined to aggravate him. One morning, he left his house to go to his workplace, wearing a white shirt and turban. One of the four businessmen met him on the way. He greeted the Spanish businesman, looked at his turban and said, "How beautiful this yellow turban is!" The businessman said, "Are you blind? This turban is white!" 32 Do not cry over spilt milk 5 He replied, "No, it is yellow! It is yellow, but it looks good." The businessman left him and moved on until he met the second of them. He greeted him, then looked at his turban and said, "You look handsome today! Your clothes look fine! Especially this green turban!" The businessman said, "Actually, the turban is white." "No, it is green," he insisted. He replied, "It is white! Go away from me!" The businessman walked on, talking to himself, and every now and then looking at the flank of his turban to make sure that it was indeed white. He reached his shop and opened up the lock. Meanwhile, there came to him the third of the four businessmen and said, "How beautiful this morning is! And especially your clothes, they look fine! And your beautiful blue turban only adds to your good looks!" The businessman looked at his turban to ascertain its colour, then rubbed his eyes and said, "Dear brother! My turban is white!" "No, it is blue. But the important thing is that it looks good, so don't worry!" the man said, and left, as the businessman began to yell after him saying, "The turban is white!" as he looked at his turban to ascertain its colour once again. He sat in his shop for a while and couldn't take his eyes off his turban. Meanwhile, the fourth person came and said, "Greetings! MashaAllah! From where di...
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