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One often advises his or her son husband friend

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Unformatted text preview: the Prophet had said. (al-Bukhari and Muslim) Hence, our beloved Prophet was very kind in nature, it was always pleasant to be in his company, and he was always forbearing. He would never make a mountain out of a molehill. Once the Prophet sat down with `A'ishah -may Allah be pleased with her- who began to relate to him women's talk, as the Prophet attentively listened to her. She was speaking at length and in detail, and despite the Prophet's busy life, he kept listening to her with keen interest and commenting where needed, until `A'ishah -may Allah be pleased with her- finally finished. So what was the story that `A'ishah was relating to him? She was relating a story about a gathering of eleven women in the pre-Islamic days of ignorance who promised not to hide 368 Between the living and the dead 54 anything with regards to their husbands. They began to mention everything about their husbands without concealing anything. So what did they say? The first woman said: "My husband is like the meat of a useless camel on top of a mountain. It is neither easy to reach to the top of the mountain, nor is the meat good that it should be carried down." She likened her husband to a difficult mountain on top of which there is unpleasant camel meat, such that no one likes to obtain it due to the difficulty in climbing the mountain.The meat is also very unpleasant in that it is not worth tiring oneself to obtain it. Meaning, he has bad manners and is arrogant, even though he has nothing to be proud of, since he is stingy and poor. The second woman said: "I would not describe my husband for fear of leaving him, and if I begin to describe his faults I would be relating terrible things." Meaning, her husband had many faults and she feared that if she were to describe his faults and the news of it reached him, he would divorce her. She was stuck with him due to her children. The third woman said: "My husband is a tall man. If I describe him (and he hears of that) he...
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