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One should not be generous for fame leadership or to

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Unformatted text preview: e as normal. When the Prophet entered Makkah as a conqueror and the people felt secure, he came to the Ka'bah and made Tawaf on his camel. When he finished the Tawaf, he called `Uthman bin Talhah and took from him the keys to the Ka'bah. The Ka'bah 462 Forgiving others 72 was then opened up to him and he entered. When he entered, he saw the images of angels and other beings from Quraysh's imagination, based on their ignorance.When he saw the image of Ibrahim with arrows, as if he was raffling with them, he said,"May Allah curse them! They depicted our Shaykh raffling with arrows to divide the food! What has Ibrahim got to do with these arrows?'" (Refer to Quran 5:3) "Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a monotheist Muslim, and was not from the polytheists." He thus ordered that all such images be effaced. He then found a pigeon made of wood, broke it with his hands and threw it away. He then stood at the door of the Ka'bah while the people had gathered around in the mosque from the Muslims and the disbelievers to watch him. He prayed two units of prayer and made his way to Zamzam. He looked into the well and asked for some water to be fetched, which he drank from and made wudhu with, as the people hastily began to seek blessings from the remaining water. The pagans were left amazed. They said, "We have never seen or heard of a king being treated with this much respect." He then approached Maqam Ibrahim and moved it away from the Ka'bah as it was previously attached to it. He then stood at the door of the Ka'bah and began to look at the crowds how much I wish I was with them! and then gave a sermon: "There is no one worthy of worship but Allah! The one who has no partners! He has been true to His servant and aided him, and single-handedly destroyed all the armies! Indeed, every retribution for life, murder, or usury is under my feet, except the 463 Forgiving others 72 caretaking of the Ka'bah and providing water to the pilgrims." He then laid down some...
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