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Perhaps there was nobody at all on the road that day

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Unformatted text preview: himself, "You have left the Caliphs who will succeed you exhausted, O Abu Bakr! You have left the Caliphs who will succeed you exhausted!" `Umar himself was not that far below Abu Bakr's level of worship and devotion. Once Talhah bin `Ubaydullah saw `Umar leaving his house in the darkest hour of the night and then enter several houses, one after the other. Talhah became surprised and thought what `Umar could be doing in these houses. When Talhah woke up the next morning, he went to the first house to find an old, blind and disabled woman. He said to her, "Why does this man come to you?" She replied, "He has promised to come to me since suchand-such a day. He comes to me to fulfil my needs and alleviate my suffering." Talhah then left and said to himself, "May your mother lose you, O Talhah! Are you checking up on someone like `Umar?" One day, `Umar may Allah be pleased with him was heading for the outskirts of Madinah when he came across an old wayfarer resting in the middle of a path. He had erected his old tent and was sitting next to its entrance in a state of confusion. `Umar asked him, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am a Bedouin. I have come to Amir al-Mu'minin 435 To worship in secret 65 to be a recipient of his favours." Meanwhile, `Umar heard a woman groan from inside the tent and asked the man about her. He said, "Don't worry. Just go and fulfil your need." `Umar replied, "This is, in fact, my need." The man said, "My wife is about to give birth and I do not have any wealth or food. Nor do I have anyone to help me." `Umar quickly returned to his home and said to his wife, Umm Kulthum, the daughter of `Ali bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with them all, "Do you have anything at home that Allah has blessed you with?" She enquired, "Why do you ask?" He told her about the man. `Umar's wife then carried with her some things, while `Umar carried a sack of food, a plate and firewood, and went to the man. `Umar's wife then visited the man's...
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