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Rather it is the result of twenty years of serious

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Unformatted text preview: twenty years of serious study. Although Allah has blessed me with the ability to have produced twenty books so far, some of which have been printed in their millions, I nevertheless believe that the most beloved, precious and beneficial of all of them to me is this book, which I wrote with ink blended with my blood; I poured out my soul and squeezed out my memories as I wrote these lines. I have written these words from the very depths of my heart so it may penetrate the heart of the reader, and would be delighted to learn that he or she has indeed implemented its teachings, experienced an improvement in his or her skills, and therefore actually began enjoying life. If he or she were to then thankfully write a message expressing his or her views and feelings honestly and send it to me via email or SMS, I would be grateful for this kindness and remember to pray for him or her in their absence. I pray to Allah that the reader benefits from these pages, and that He makes my efforts purely for His sake. Written by the one who is always praying for what is best for you. Dr. Muhammad bin `Abd al-Rahman al-`Arifi 18 (1) They did not benefit I remember once receiving a message on my mobile phone which read: "Dear Shaykh, what is the ruling on suicide?" I called the sender to find a very young man on the other end of the line. I said, "I am sorry, I didn't understand your question. Can you please repeat your question?" He said with a grieving voice, "The question is clear. What is the ruling on suicide?" I decided to surprise him by saying in response something unexpected, so I said, "It is recommended!" He screamed, "What?!" I said, "How about if we discuss the best way for you to do it?" The young man fell silent. I said to him, "OK. Why do you want to commit suicide?" He said, "Because, I can't find work. People do not love me. In fact, I am an utter failure...", and thus he began to relate to me his long story in order to prove that he had failed to develop his interpersonal skill...
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