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She followed him without him realising the prophet

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Unformatted text preview: lso sent a boy called Sinan bin Wabar al-Juhani to fetch water for them. The two boys started to fight over water, and one of them kicked the other on the back. Al-Juhani cried out, `O Ansaar!' Jahjah also cried out, `O Muhajirun!' The Ansaar rushed to the scene as did the Muhajirun and began to quarrel.They had just come from a battle and were still carrying their weapons! 300 The keys to mistakes... 43 The Prophet went out to them and settled the dispute. But then trouble arose. `Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul, who was the leader of the hypocrites, became angry. There were a group of Ansaar with him. He said, "Did they really do this? They have turned against us and outnumbered us in our own land! As they say: If you fatten your dog, it will eat you, and if you starve it, it would chase you!" Then the wretched person said, "By Allah! When we return to Madinah, the most honourable will expel the meanest out of Madinah!" He then turned to those who were present with him and said, "This is what you have done to yourselves. You have given them your land and your property! By Allah! If only you were to keep what you have instead of giving it to them, they would go to a different city!" This evil man continued to threaten and make promises, whilst those around him from the hypocrites showed their agreement and began to encourage him more. In the same gathering, there was a small boy called Zayd bin Arqam. He went to the Prophet and told him the news. `Umar bin al-Khattab at the time was sitting next to the Prophet . Upon hearing this he became enraged and said, "How dare this hypocrite speak about the Messenger of Allah in this despicable manner!" `Umar viewed that killing the viper is better than cutting off its tail. He saw that killing Ibn Salul would nip the discord in the bud. However, he should only be killed by a person from his own people, from the Ansaar, for that would have been safer than for him to be killed by a Muhajir. 301 T...
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